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Taizhou Gaocheng Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd. website revision on the new


     In recent days, the official website of our company and China Power Cooperation has been successfully launched on the joint efforts of both parties! The official website has introduced our company's basic situation and main products in detail, welcome new and old customers to visit the message...

The most important thing is the discount, seek discount itself is already a way of life, we in the kitchen and bathroom home enterprises, will have this discount, but consumers still feel false. In this process

In 2014, the "emblem gathered strength, create the future" activities, so that the kitchen and bathroom industry elites and designers around the country gathered in Hefei, Anhui Province, to spend the industry event. In addition to harvesting the honor of the top 100 kitchen and bathroom list, what did the participants gain, what emotional touch and rational thinking, please see my on-site interview report.

The kitchen and bathroom appliance market is regarded as the last piece of "big cake" in the domestic home appliance industry. In recent years, the kitchen and bathroom appliance market has been booming, with product sales accounting for 10% of the overall sales of the home appliance industry. Authoritative research institutions expect that in the next five years, kitchen and bathroom appliance sales will grow at an average annual rate of about 30%.